True Disciple

Thro’ the Bible in 90

I would like to invite you to join our team on our twice-a-year journey to reading through the Bible in 90 days. The busyness of life can often make finding time to read a challenge, more the so when the book to be read is the Bible!

2 Timothy 2:15 exhorts us to ‘… study to show ourselves approved of God… rightly diving the word of truth’. Having a sound knowledge and understanding of the Bible is probably one of the strongest foundations we can lay for a successful Christian life.

Why? Because:

Studying, meditating and observing to follow its path enables us to experience not only success but good success in life – Joshua 1:8;

It gives us great opportunities to know the Lord and grow in our relationship with Him for Jesus is the Word that was in the beginning and thus time spent in studying the Bible is literarily time spent with Him – John 1:1;

It neutralises darkness for the entrance of God’s Word into our spiritual and physical realms gives light – Psalm 119:130;

It is a strong anchor for our faith for we can stand and overcome every adversity when our faith is resting on God’s promises – Matthew 24:35

It is the most essential ‘food’ for the growth of our spirit man; for without the Word the growth of the spirit of the Christian believer is stunted – 1 Peter 2; and finally

It is our weapon of warfare – it is the sword of the Spirit – Ephesians 6:17

How does it work?

1) The great thing is that while we have set times each year to undertake the challenge, you, however, can start when it is most convenient for you.

The only difference with joining us at our set times, is that you have daily support through the commentaries on our blog and social media handles. Anyway, just to let you know that you can start your challenge at any time.

2) Download or print the READING SCHEDULE. You will find the link at the lower section of this page. Follow the daily reading schedule – it averages at about 17 chapters a day. I have found it easier to read through the days’ reading by doing it at 3 sittings of 5-7 chapters at a time.

I read 6 chapters in morning, another 6 at lunch time and the last set of chapters before bedtime. Just find what works for you! And please avoid feelings of frustrations if you fall behind; it is normal to do so! Just keep adjusting as you go along.

3) Keep a journal – we have a free printable page available for you. It is important that you keep track of verses or stories that touch your heart, words the Holy Spirit quickens in your spirit as you read, prayers that are inspired by certain verses…. you will find great treasures gathered on your reading journey.

4) Share parts of your journey – we welcome all who are going through the reading challenge to share their stories and experiences on our blog and on any of our social media handles.

I look forward to your involvement in what I believe would be a season of spiritual growth and fresh nurturing of our souls; one of deeper and greater knowledge and understating of God and of His ways; of praying without ceasing and of a renewed love for the LORD our God!