True Disciple

The Process

Over the years, as I share and teach the Word of God to new and maturing believers, I have discovered that believers who were able to grasp and understand the spiritual nature of the new birth often mature quicker and many go on to become useful and active labourers for the Lord.

But the spiritual nature of the new birth is not often an easy subject to explain. And so, I was exceedingly pleased when I found the book ‘Spiritual Continuum’ written by John Edmiston. I found it to be a simple, yet profound resource in laying a strong foundation for the knowledge and understanding of the nature of the spiritual life in Christ Jesus; knowledge and understanding that should make it easier for anyone who genuinely desires to be and to live as a true disciple of Jesus to do so. 

The Spiritual Continuum is a unique approach to basic discipleship that is based on a step-by-step approach that cooperates with the gradual work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian. You will learn how to understand the spiritual changes that God is making in your life. There are eight biblical practices that blend into each other. That is why the book and the course are titled The Spiritual Continuum.

All the terms used are biblical terms such as “walking in the Spirit”, “worshiping in the Spirit” and “love in the Spirit”. The Spiritual Continuum is not bound to any particular culture, theology, or Christian tradition.

The Spiritual Continuum teaches 8 practical steps in the Christian life that flow naturally into each other.  

The 8 Practical Steps are

1. Be Born – Again Of The Spirit – Download Here
2, Set Your Mind On The Spirit – Download Here
3. Be Filled With The Spirit – Download Here
4. Worship In The Spirit – Download Here
5. Walk In The Spirit – Download Here
6. Be Led By The Spirit – Download Here
7. Be Taught By The Spirit – Download Here
8. Love In The Spirit – Download Here

These simple steps are based around the idea of cooperating with God’s grace and with the work of the Holy Spirit. This is not a works-based approach to Christian discipleship! It flows directly from the Christian’s relationship with God.

With the author’s permission, notes on the 8 stages are available on this page. You may download and print them for your personal or group study only.

The course will be taught online on all of our social media platforms starting Saturday, February the 6th 2021 at 11am GMT.

To register for the certificated course, which involves assignments and course work, please send an email to: indicating your interest.

The TRUE DISCIPLE COURSE is our one (1) year Discipleship Training program designed to provide biblical teachings and practical experiences for the growth and equipping of the Christian believer. The course is split into 3 modules:

  1. The Disciple
  2. The Intercessor
  3. The Missionary

The School of Disciple will focus on in-depth teaching of the life and ministry of history’s two (2) most powerful and exemplary disciples of the Christian faith – our Lord Jesus (our model – 1 John 2:6) and Apostle Paul; our aim being that the believer is not only armed with the knowledge of Him whom they are to follow but are also inspired to live for Him.

The School of Intercessor is formed against the backdrop of our persuasions that true and genuine corporate/individual revival can only be sustained by earnest and consistent prayer. The School of prayer will not only raise a praying people who are armed with biblical knowledge of the principles of prayer and spiritual warfare but also a people endued with the power of God to prevail in prayer.

The School of Missionary is designed to inspire and prepare those who have matured as disciples and as men and women of prayer are ready to commit to Christian service by stepping out into the mission field in accordance with the call of God upon their lives.

Course Schedule

From January to November each year, we hold a once in a month on-site class at various locations. Students are given various coursework – some written, some practical, individually or in groups. Examinations hold in October of each year. 

November is our MISSION month where soon-to-be-graduating students are required to volunteer for a two (2) week mission work with a Christian ministry within or outside of the UK.

There are also multiple, continuous activities and opportunities for the students to grow in their individual and corporate prayer lives and to exercise the gifts and the power of the Holy Spirit that is upon their lives.