WR Prayer Platform


We believe that there is no greater place of need for prayer without ceasing than in the cry for the salvation of our loved ones. Names of those whom many are trusting the Lord to save are submitted to us online or via email. Thus, each day, we raise our heart and voice interceding for the salvation of the families, friends, neighbours, colleagues, those whose names have been submitted to us with a request to intercede for their salvation.

To submit the name(s) of those you are trusting the LORD to save, please complete the form below OR send us an email with their names to pwcs@worldrevive.org. All names are held in strict privacy.

Every name we receive is printed and pasted on our PWCS Prayer Wall where prayers are made without ceasing for their salvation. 

BATTLE CRY FOR REVIVAL (“BCFR”) is our corporate altar of prayer for global revival. Onsite, weekly meetings are held by a group of Christian believers who carry a burden in their heart to see revival in their communities, cities and nations.

The BCFR meetings are led by our Lead Intercessors – men and women of God with proven grace in the ministry of intercession. It’s a great way to keep the fire of God burning on our prayer altars and stay fervent in the Spirit.

For enquiries on how to join any of the onsite meetings, please send us an email at: bcfr@worldrevive.org and a member of our team will get in touch with you on the processes required to joining any of our meetings

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