WR Partners Network

We welcome you to the WORLD REVIVE Global Partners Network (WR – GPN). It is our network of men and women who support us through their prayers and financial giving, enabling and empowering us to fulfil our God given mandate.

If you are on this page, you perhaps are considering becoming one of our global partners. Thank you for considering partnering with us and sowing your precious seed into this mission work. Together with you, we are confident that we can and will maximise our impact for the Kingdom of God.

Our partnership is a covenant one and allows us to jointly advance a time-bound and end time Kingdom agenda to win souls and to sustain those who are already saved through effective discipleship teachings, prayer and genuine and sincere service to God’s kingdom. As we share the burden of running with God’s end-time agenda, we are confident that we will experience God’s incredible divine blessings.

In partnering with us, you affirm your strong commitment to see individuals and nations revived and made ready for the Lord.

If you require the print version of our WR-GPN Partner Registration Forms, please use the form to submit your postal details and we will send you a Partner’ Welcome Kit which contains necessary information on our work and how you can set up your partnership commitment. Please note that the print version is only available in the United Kingdom and EU.

Thank you for coming aboard the WORLD REVIVE Vision.

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