“… And this is the victory that has overcome the world— our faith.”

1 John 5:4b

Our faith – our victory. Knowing this, the enemy constantly batters our faith in God; and because we know that a doubtful person will not receive anything from God (James 1:6-7), we ought the more to pay particular attention to the inconsistencies of our faith, if any. 

We believed God at the beginning – that is how we got saved. The hard task now is how do we ensure that we sustain that foundation of faith in God all through our lives? I believe that it is by making an informed and quality decision about God. An informed decision because we rely on the truth extracted from the Bible about Him; and quality because we take a principled stand to never let go of the truth we know no matter what life brings our way. We make up our mind to never again allow the enemy to turn the place of our faith in God into a battle ground; a place of persecution maybe, but not a battleground.

This means that when we face situations that tempt us to question and doubt what we know about God – we laugh it off and tell the enemy that we have decided that doubting God is a no-go area for us. We have laid that battle permanently to rest by choosing to always and continually hold on to the truth:

– that God cannot be anything else but good;

– that He is faithful and will remain faithful to us even when we miss it;

– that He is continually gracious, merciful and full of compassion;

– that He not only is our Shepherd but that He is a good and faithful One;

– that His thoughts for us even in difficult times are continually of good and never of evil;

– that He is the sovereign God who rules over all things at all times – and that He is and will always be in control of our lives and circumstances;

– that He is a promise keeper who is not man that He should lie to us or repent of His promises; and

– that with Him all things are indeed possible.

When we decide to stand on these truths no matter the storm, we pave way for the consistency of faith. Yes, the challenges of life can make us weary and sad now and again but we soon discover that the truth we know and believe liberates our soul and keeps our spirit strong and bold!


Chinwe Onwuchekwa