I was just pondering on a few things this morning and concluded that it would take some degree of ‘insanity’ to walk and live the God-ordained faith.

Honestly, it would require some degree of ‘insanity’ to leave everything behind as Jesus’ 12 disciples did on an invitation from someone they had just barely met to come ‘fish for men’. ‘Fishers of men’ – what does that even mean? To someone used to exchanging fish for money – what on earth were they meant to exchange the men for? Yet, they left all and followed Him. 

It would take something close to insanity to make a man who waited 100 years for a child to willingly offer him as a sacrifice on the confidence that the God who had asked for him to be offered as a sacrifice in the first place would turn around to raise him from the dead. And yet this seemingly ‘insane’ act became the proof God needed to iron-cast the Abrahamic covenant you and I joyfully claim. 

Do you not agree that it would have taken some degree of madness for any man to believe that the sun and moon would not set according to their natural order just because he said – “Sun, stand still over Gibeon; And Moon, in the Valley of Aijalon”?

Do you not think that it would require some degree of madness for a person facing an army he himself described as “…stronger than us…” to go to war with singers ‘armed’ with cymbals, tambourines and harps against an army armed to its teeth for war. And yet just by worshipping alone they won the war and spent days gathering the spoils;

I think that it would take some degree of ‘insanity for a woman who knew she hadn’t shopped for years to go to the same pot of flour and cruse of oil continuously for 3&1/2 years to scoop out flour and oil out of a quantity she herself at the last discussion described as being just enough for a meal;

Oh yes I believe it would definitely require some ‘loose nuts’ in the head to attempt to feed a party of 5,000 guests with just 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. Yet not only were the 5,000 fed but they ended up gathering a quantity in excess of the 2 fish and 5 loaves they started off with. 

Wow! What a God! 

So many of us are yearning to be used by God to do exploits but are we ready to embrace the ‘insanity’ involved? If we are to go God’s way, we must be ready to step out of the ‘safe’ boat and step out unto ‘waters’ – to a place where natural men traditionally sink but we go not because we are deluded that we are not mere men but because we know that we are but earthen vessels whose confidence rests only on the treasure within – God the Holy Spirit. 

Can we risk doing away with logic now and then not because we think the call of God is a call to ‘insanity’ or unreasonableness but because we, like Peter are willing to say -‘… nevertheless at Your word’-? 

I hope this post will help release someone’s spirit to embrace God’s calling and the fullness of His purpose knowing that His call to ‘fish for men’, ‘raise the dead’, ‘heal the sick’ and ‘set the captives free’ is not a sign of insanity but of faith in God who has chosen to use us to accomplish the supernatural!


Chinwe Onwuchekwa