“…Thy faith had made thee whole;…” Mark 5:34

Faith produces results…. Jesus affirmed that again and again to many who came to Him.

But the quality of results that faith produces often differs highlighting the truth that our faith is personal and can only pull in what we put it to work to do. What do I mean? 

The Centurion (Matthew 8:5-13); Jairus (Mark 5:23-42), the Woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5:25-34) all had faith but something about what they sought with their faith affected the timing of the delivery of their miracles.

The faith of the Centurion was that it was not necessary for Jesus to come to his house – his faith only required Jesus’ words. And Jesus honoured that – He spoke and immediately it came to pass. 

Jairus’ faith required Jesus to ‘…come and lay hands…’. Again, Jesus honoured that. His miracle was not instantaneous! The trip to his house must have required a bit of time in the process of which his daughter died. Though Jesus later raised her from the dead.

Question is – Could Jairus have exercised a faith similar to that of the Centurion? Could he also have sought a Word as a basis for his daughter’s healing rather than making Jesus’ physical presence a pre-condition?

And then comes a faith of a different kind – that of the woman with the issue of blood. Her faith didn’t even require Jesus to speak or minister to her in person – it only required her touching the hem of His garment. Again, Jesus honoured that; their face-to-face encounter taking place only because He had asked for who touched Him.

Can we see the differences in the components of their faith? To one, just a word was enough; to another it was needful for Jesus to come in person; and to the third all that was needed was an opportunity to discreetly touch the hem of His garment. 

We must be mindful when putting our faith to work that we let faith seek the best of any available option. For example in putting faith to work over a financial need, we might chose to exercise our faith by trusting God to help push through a loan application; or we can trust Him either to create opportunities for us to be able to earn what we need to meet that need or touch someone to bless us financially. The latter being the best option.

Our faith – our timing. In trusting God for a particular blessing, we can choose to believe God that the time for our miracle is now or later! While the timing ultimately is in His sovereign hands, yet our faith must choose a timing that is ‘now’. 

What we do with our faith is our decision – we can choose to believe that a Word of healing we heard from a message preached over 10 years ago can heal us today; or we can choose to believe that our healing can only happen when a servant of God lays hands on us.

Our faith – our choice! 

I encourage us to be bold in the exercise of our faith and to be conscious to ‘work’ our faith to produce excellent results that showcases the awesome capabilities of the God we serve and call ‘Abba Father’!